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Lenire tinnitustherapy

Lenire Tinnitus Therapy is now available in Switzerland at Hördesign in Zug.

Successful treatment may be possible

Tinnitus is a widespread disease. Around 800,000 people in Switzerland are affected. The experiences of people suffering from tinnitus vary greatly. Usually it is described as an irritating ringing in the ear. For others, it sounds more like a hissing, buzzing, beeping or throbbing.


Possible causes for tinnitus

There are many causes of tinnitus. Hearing loss as a result of age is by far the most common. But each tinnitus is individual. Damage to the eardrum, middle ear infections, Meniere's disease, acoustic trauma caused by loud noises, certain medications, head injuries, jaw problems (craniomandibular dysfunction, or CMD for short) or stress are also possible causes.

Progress in tinnitus research

In the recent past, great progress has been made in tinnitus research. Today, there are a number of promising therapeutic approaches. After a thorough examination and detailed questioning about the origin and severity of your tinnitus, we will suggest a treatment procedure that is particularly well suited to your needs.


New approach in tinnitus therapy

The therapy aims to reduce the brain's attention to the tinnitus. It has been found that the combination of impulses is particularly effective in this regard. This approach is called bimodal neuromodulation. It combines acoustic stimulation of the auditory system and sensory stimulation of the tongue. The therapy converts sound and energy pulses into active nerve impulses that are sent to the brain. The trained, unique signal pattern can have a greater and more lasting effect in relieving tinnitus.

Zertifizierte Tinnitustherapie
Tinnitus lindern

This new therapy is called Lenire®.   Clinical studies conducted in Germany and Ireland with more than 500 participants confirm the positive effects of Lenire®  .

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